Land Rover Repair, Wayne, PA

Our ASE certified master technicians perform Land Rover auto repairs to keep your Rover in excellent condition.

Land Rover Repair

When it comes to Land Rover repair, one must appreciate and understand its lineage in order to be effective at repairing the product. Starting at conception in 1947 this brand began as a rugged 4×4 recognizable by its iconic boxy design. Throughout the years that followed, it transformed into the Luxury SUV brand that it is today. Many automotive manufacturers had their hand in this process over the years as the brand changed hands more than a few times. Rover, BMW, Ford, and now Tata JLR have all had influence on its mechanical and aesthetic design. A good working knowledge of these changes and history allow for a better repair process. We here at Garttmeyer Automotive, located in Wayne PA, have the equipment and historical understanding of the Land Rover product from the original Rover brand models all the way thru today’s Tata JLR brand models. We have the skill, knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose and service your Land Rover no matter if it was a BMW owned model or a Ford owned. To us, they are all Land Rover, and we look forward to working with you on your next project.