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Audi repair, Wayne, PA

Garttmeyer Automotive is your one stop shop for all maintenance and repair on your Audi. Our experienced technicians will identify and rectify the problem so you are back in the driver’s seat on the road in your dependable Audi. Bring your Audi in to our trusted technicians for anything from a routine oil change to service on your air conditioner.

Our repair shop is conveniently located in Wayne, PA. We have been servicing our customer’s Audis for over 35 years, so we are confident we can provide quality repairs and maintenance. Come into Garttmeyer for any work on your Audi and our technicians will make sure your car is taken care of.

BMW repair, Wayne, PA

Our technicians, conveniently located in Wayne, PA, are knowledgeable on the latest standards for servicing, repairing and maintaining your BMW. Our trusted technicians exude the enthusiasm that most BMW owners possess. The show this enthusiasm when servicing your BMW with the highest quality care and precision.

Bring your BMW to our experienced specialist for anything from a routine fine tuning to an engine problem. We will get you back behind the wheel fast. For trusted service and repair on your BMW, come to Garttmeyer Automotive. There is no other full service BMW repair and maintenance shop in the area with talented technicians like ours.

Jaguar repair, Wayne, PA

You won’t find anyone in the Wayne area that can service Jaguars like the way our technicians at Garttmeyer Automotive can. We take pride in our experience and attention to detail which will ensure your Jaguar is taken care of no matter what you bring it in for. Our specialist can perform all repair and maintenance on your Jaguar ranging from new tires to transmission work and everything in between.

Garttmeyer Automotive is your one stop shop for service, maintenance or repairs on your Jaguar. Our technicians stay on top of the current information when it comes to working on Jaguars. Bring your car into Garttmeyer no matter how little or big the issue is, because our repair shop specialist will make sure to resolve your problem.

Mercedes repair, Wayne, PA

Keep your Mercedes Benz in the same quality of when you first drove it off the lot. Our experienced, knowledgeable technicians will pay close attention when repairing or servicing your Mercedes. Garttmeyer Automotive, located in Wanye, PA, is the place to have your Mercedes Benz maintained and serviced.

From a routine oil change to work on your transmission, our Mercedes specialist will ensure your Benz is taken care of. Don’t let just anyone work on your car. Our specialized technicians are confident they know your Mercedes Benz inside and out.

Porsche repair, Wayne, PA

Garttmeyer Automotive is the repair shop for Porsche in Wayne, PA, as we have been servicing and maintaining Porsches for over 40 years. If you are looking for top of the line service and maintenance on your Porsche, we are your one stop shop at Garttmeyer Automotive.

All of our specialists are ASE Certified Master Technicians with experience and knowledge to identify and solve any problem you run into with your Porsche. All technicians also have advanced level performance certifications which include older vehicles with carburetors up to the latest Direct Fuel Injection technology and techniques. Bring your Porsche into Garttmeyer Automotive where our specialized technicians will provide exemplary service and repairs.

Volkswagen repair, Wayne, PA

Volkswagen has been know for dependable vehicles, but when you need VW repair or maintenance, come to Garttmeyer Automotive. We have 40 years of experience working on getting Volkswagens back on the road. Conveniently located in Wayne, PA, we are your trusted Volkswagen repair shop.

Our knowledgeable technicians stay on top of the latest service methods and information to ensure that your Volkswagen will be maintained properly and last you many years. Since we are a full service shop we will get you back in the driver’s seat with all issues resolved. Bring in your VW for anything from new tires to engine issues and anything in between. We will get you back on the road in no time.

Volvo repair, Wayne, PA

Garttmeyer Automotive is your one stop shop for repair or service on your trusted Volvo. We are located in Wayne, PA where we have experienced and knowledgeable technicians ready to work on your Volvo. Whether it is routine maintenance or a new repair, we will get you back in the driver’s seat with all issues resolved.

Our ASE certified master technicians are experienced and can complete any repair or service on your Volvo. Our experience servicing and maintaining Volvos makes us the most trusted shop on the area to work on your car. Bring your Volvo to Garttmeyer Automotive and we will get you back on the road in your dependable vehicle.

Body Repair

At Garttmeyer Automotive, we deliver the highest quality repair work in the area. We are located in Wayne, PA and have experienced and specialized technicians. Our technicians are ready to work on your vehicle no matter the state of the car when you bring it to us. We will ensure that every detail is inspected and all issues are resolved.

Car accidents are stressful enough by themselves. Don’t worry about the repair process because our talented specialist have everything covered when you bring your car to Garttmeyer Automotive. We will have you and your family back in your car in no time as we take care of all the service and repairs you need.

State Inspection

To keep the authorities off your tail, bring your car into Garttmeyer Automotive for emissions testing and safety inspections. Our technicians will make sure the job is done right and get you back behind the wheel fast. To get a state inspection on your car, bring your vehicle into Garttmeyer Automotive, conveniently located in Wayne, PA.

At Garttmeyer Automotive, we will perform all required vehicle checks and ensure that you pass the state’s car inspection with flying colors. Our technicians are certified to perform the state inspections, but we can also fix any issue related to the inspection. For fast service and quality maintenance, bring your car into Garttmeyer Automotive.


At Garttmeyer Automotive, our technician’s goal is to keep your car at it’s best performance no matter what age. The transmission is an essential piece to keeping your car the best it can be. We will perform diagnostic tests to identify any problems with your transmission. After we identify the issue, our experienced technicians will get to work.

Our specialists will adhere to your car’s manufacturer recommendations as we service your transmission. Technicians at Garttmeyer Automotive have at least 14 years of experience, so you can trust we will solve your transmission issue. Bring us your car and we will get you back behind the wheel in no time.

Check Engine Light

Garttmeyer Automotive is the place in Wayne, PA to take your car for check engine light repair and maintenance. If your check engine light has come on and you don’t know what the issue is, bring it to our trusted technicians. With more than a decade of experience, any of our technicians will be able to identify and resolve your issue. We will take the guesswork and worry out of your check engine light repair.

We will go through a diagnostic process to isolate the cause of the problem. Once our specialized technicians find the problem, their training, experience and skill gets put to work to get you back in your car. When your check engine light comes on, head over to Garttmeyer Automotive where our technicians will find and solve the issue.

Factory Maintenance

You may find it difficult to keep up the different maintenance items needed to keep your car running as it should. At Garttmeyer Automotive, we can perform your automobile manufacturer’s recommended inspections, recalibrations and part replacements to keep you on the road in your car longer.

Our seasoned technicians will ensure that all factory maintenance recommendations are done with speed and efficiency. These recommendations can include, but aren’t limited to tire rotations, oil and filter changes. If you need a factory maintenance check performed on your car, come to Garttmeyer Automotive, located in Wayne, PA, and our trusted technicians will take care of you and your car.



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