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Check Engine Light

You get a sinking feeling when you see it. Hopefully, it’s just a faulty light and a major repair isn’t necessary. Reduce your stress. Call, text or email us today to set up and appointment.

State Inspection

Pennsylvania State Inspection and auto repair in Wayne, PA. One of the nation’s best European auto repair shops.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance

We are fully equipped with ASE certifications and ready to help you with EV maintenance and repair.

Factory Maintenance

Eliminate dealer maintenance and save! The mark-up on routine maintenance from your local dealer is outrageous. We’ll do the same job, with the same tools, for up to 50% less!


Garttmeyer Automotive on the Main Line for expert manual and automatic transmission repair, flushes and fluid changes to extend the life of your automotive transmission.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

We don’t want you to make a bad purchase! Get a detailed inspection of your entire vehicle before you buy.