The modern automobile resembles less of a mechanical device and more a computer on wheels these days. With many advanced options such as driver assistance, self-leveling, electric steering etc. the number of warning lamps possible may seem endless. When one of these lights turns on it can be quite confusing and can cause a bit of anxiety if you do not understand what it is trying to say. The owner’s manual is always the go to in this situation, but who can find it and better yet who has the time to pull over and do some not so light reading?? Does this mean my car is going to break down? Is it something that can wait? Did I do something wrong? All these questions can come rushing to the mind at once. Breath… One way to simplify things is to take notice of the color of the light. Much like a traffic light, the warning lamps are colored with shades of green, yellow or amber, and red. Also like a traffic light they are indicating instructions. Green means go, yellow means caution and red means stop. If you experience a yellow lamp you can continue with caution, but it is recommended to follow up with you repair shop as soon as possible. A red warning is a bit more severe and generally it is recommended to pull over to a safe spot, turn off the vehicle and consult that manual or repair shop right away to avoid further damage. As always, if you run into one of these scenarios and are unsure what to do, our staff is always willing to help.